Re: permission for keeping writing samples

Subject: Re: permission for keeping writing samples
From: Ian Macdonald <imacd -at- PC -dot- JARING -dot- MY>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 13:54:04 +0800

At 04:57 PM 14/2/96 -0500, Brad Barnes (T) wrote:
>What is the generally accepted practice on whether or not you obtain
explicit permission from your employer to permit you to keep a copy of your
work for use in your portfolio?

>I have *heard* that employers automatically understand and assume that
writers will always be able to put aside writing samples for portfolio
purposes--without explicit permission.

>In practice, do any of you always *formally* make requests for copies of
your own work? Or do you just go ahead and retain your own copies? Afterall,
the work you produce belongs to the party who has paid for it, be it your
employer or your employer's customer, right?

>Brad Barnes
>Technical Writer

I always ask a client and have never been refused. There are some projects
that I have worked on where the information has been "confidential" and in
those situations wouldm't even ask!

And yes, employers normally do understand. It is worthwhile keeping samples
your work as ammunition during salary review time. Then if that is not
sucessful you have your portfoilo already ;-)

Ian Macdonald
imacd -at- pc -dot- jaring -dot- my

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