No Wonder This List Has Gone Stale / or / Old McDonald Has as Forum.

Subject: No Wonder This List Has Gone Stale / or / Old McDonald Has as Forum.
From: "Michael J. Maloney" <mmaloney -at- EPIC-ISTI -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 22:27:59 -0400

Ok boys and girls. I quit.

Rally around the WRITER - he's one of US.

The other guy is an artist.... You know, emotional. Easily offended. Reactive.

No place for artists within the technical communication trade.

What we need are more and more anal retentive clowns...... Like Mr.
McDonald. A real hero.

Let's tip one for Guy.

He's a writer's writer. An ambassador for our trade. Here here.

Eric: Please ban me from your list. I've broken the rules, and offended one
of the elite. Not to mention the type'o and disjointed sentence.

As a _self appointed_ ambassador of MY trade _technical illustration_, I
resign from your fraternity. It's little wonder - why we _ all professional
technical communicators_ have so much to offer but accomplish so little.

How can you possibly endorse the hooliganism shown time and time again by
Mr. McDonald? He represents the poison, the cancer, that causes many good
communicators to drop like flies from this list. Very unfortunate. Very

Despite my disappointment in this list, as penitence to my outburst, I offer
you this outstanding professional advise ... Learn about IsoDraw. IsoDraw is
the most important advance in technical graphics that has come along in over
a decade. You, the technical writing community will one day _soon_ realize
this as an undeniable truth, a FACT. Within five years, IsoDraw will be as
familiar a name to you as FrameMaker, CorelDraw and Illustrator. Do yourself
a favor as professional technical communicators - don't miss the boat. Learn
about IsoDraw. Learn about the ISTI. Learn that technical communication is
more than dotting i's, crossing t's and warming up to unprofessional eunuch
associates such as Mr. McDonald.

I joined this list with the intention of contributing. Every time I have
attempted this, my contribution has been met with criticisms for
typographical errors, _being off subject_ or criticisms for emotional outbursts.

Maybe my response to an idiotic posting was inappropriate, but atleast I
have an excuse .... I'm an artist. For the most part, I consider writers -
artists. Writers or illustrators that come to the defense of hamburgs like
Mr. McDonald are fools in a fools web. Catch you on the filp side, I'm
headed for 2001.

BTY for all you _Monday morning QB's_, I'm not a bitter _disgruntal_ or
broken individual. I enjoy a full, vibrant life, an annual gross income of
more than $350,000. I was educated at RISDI ( Rhode Island School of
Design), have a wife (of 25 years), three sons, five cats, one Jack Russell
Terrier and work more than 60 hours per week in the technical communication
trade. I have the full respect of fellow professional communicators in the
US, Germany, the UK, China, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Austrailia, South
Korea, Canada, France and other countries.

I joined this list to grow. It's unfortunate - how quickly I've outgrown it.

Michael J. Maloney
President, EPIC Creative Services
President, ISTI (International Society for Technical Illustrators)
US Distributor - IsoDraw
Business Phone: 1-704-523-6907
Business Fax: 1-704-522-7504
Home Phone: 1-803-366-6763

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