My sincere apology to the LIST.

Subject: My sincere apology to the LIST.
From: Gwen Barnes <gwen -dot- barnes -at- MUSTANG -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 21:12:14 GMT

To: TECHWR-L -at- listserv -dot- okstate -dot- edu

-> I have submitted my _unsubscribe_ post to the list.

-> I apologize to anyone offended by my outburst, over reaction or language.

-> Most writers out there are honorable professionals, and it was wrong for me
-> to equate the response of one - as actions indicative of writers as a group.

-> Anyone that keeps records such as:

Cmon, take one last potshot before you go. You earned it fair and
square. Don't just fade away and leave us all wondering why you
disappeared without a ripple.

You must know these "unsubscribe" commands rarely work the first time
you try, so you still have a second chance to tell us what you really
think of us. May as well take advantage of it ...

ObTechwhirl: I see a resurgence of the "sore wrists" thread again. I
am happy to report that at least in my case, the Microsoft Natural
Keyboard has done wonders for my abused, aching hands. The work
hasn't slacked up a bit, but I'm in relatively little pain for the
first time in years. The longer I use it, the better I feel.

ObIfIt'sHumorousAndOriginalPostIt: One must always watch for typos that
escape the spell checker. I excised the following from one of my
manuals, where it hid from 7 proofreaders as well:

If a node-specific batch file is present for the node
executing the door, it will be excited. If one is not
found, the file with the .BAT extension is executed.

I only caught it as I was tidying it up for output on some fardistant
Lino, when I noticed the pattern of pixels on the page was perturbed.
When I showed it to my colleague, she commented that an excited batch
file would probably cause a property sheep to pop up ...

Cheers, 805-873-2500
Gwen gwen -dot- barnes -at- mustang -dot- com
MSI * Connecting the world WWW, Telnet, FTP:
@DISCLAIMER@ ` Free speech online `

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