Netscape 2.0

Subject: Netscape 2.0
From: SUZANNE PYLE <comline -at- STAR -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 09:17:22 -0500

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>Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 15:43:06 -0800 (PST)
>From: David Blyth <dblyth -at- qualcomm -dot- com>
>To: comline -at- STAR -dot- NET
>Subject: Netscape 2.0

>Hi Suzanne;

>I'm having mailer problems, so let me know if you get this.
>In fact, did I already send it? My hard disk crashed, followed
>by my power supply, so I'm still trying to repair the damage,
>to say the least.

>At any rate, feel free to post this to tech-whirler, if you like.

>>Techwhirlers are you using Netscape Navigator 2.0 or Navigator Gold?
>>Would you mind, if you are, sharing with us about the benefits of the
>>latest upgrade? Also what's the Gold version all about?

>Yup. I've used Navigator 2.0 ALOT and played a bit with Navigator
>Gold. 2.0 is primarily for Web readers (typical browsing) while
>Gold is primarily for Web developers.

>Navigator 2.0 (normal, not Gold) has quite a bit going for it.
>Here are a few of the upgraded features:

> o Frames - Divides up a window into multiple regions. Each
> Frame can be addressed separately. Thus, a good 2.0
> Website will download the big graphics to one
> frame (for example) *once* then make references
> to that graphic from other changeable frames.

> o Plug-ins Does whatever Navigator 2.0 can't - *without*
> increasing your computer's overhead. For example,
> you can read PDF documents from inside the Web
> with the Adobe Amber Plug-in. Plug-ins also
> exist for Excel Spreadsheets, Word 6 & 7, Virtual
> Reality (VRML), OLE, Corel Vector Graphics, to
> say nothing of the next dozen.

> IMHO, Plug-ins are a huge win.

> o HTML 2.0 supports as much of HTML 3.0 as currently
> exists, plus adds some more extensions. The
> most interesting ones are sub and superscripts,
> client-side image maps, and line wrapping.

> o Internet 2.0 upgraded their email support (you can now
> send *and* receive), ftp (you can now download
> *and* upload), and their news support.

> o Java 2.0 adds one scripting language (plus tutorials)
> and a full-scale programming language. In essence,
> Navigator 2.0 is built on top of a compiler. If
> you hit Java source code on the Net, 2.0 passes
> it to the compiler and that program executes.

> And you download ascii source (small Kbytes), not
> binary (large MBytes).

>The bottom line is that Navigator 2.0 is impressive. If's
>it's somewhere on the Internet, 2.0 lets you read and do it.

>Please DO NOT take my word for this. Try reading PC magazine, where
>2.0 was listed as "Editor's Choice" browser in their latest issue - and
>they only tested a Beta. Better yet, try the product.

>David (The Man) Blyth
>Technical Writer

>Blodo Poa Maximus

>Standard disclaimers apply

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