Re: Word 6.0 TOC errors

Subject: Re: Word 6.0 TOC errors
From: Mike Bandor <bandorm -at- JCAVE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 02:06:24 GMT

In article <NEWTNews -dot- 824751247 -dot- 19911 -dot- chou -at- N5145 -dot- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com>,
"H. Chou" <chou -at- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com> wrote:

>I am having a problem generating a table of contents for a manual I am
>writing using Word 6.0 (on Win95, 486dx2, 16 MB RAM machine), and am
>hoping one of you geniuses can help me out. The manual itself is fairly
>long (about 400 pages), but is mainly tables and text, so there are no
>graphics to suck up memory. In fact, it takes up only 1.3 MB of space
>with approx. 30 chapters (ok, no mention about framemaker, because i have
>long advocated this in my dept, but it's not really an option!)

>The problem I have is when I want to regenerate the table of contents. I
>am using that godawful master document to do this. Up to chapter 18, the
>table of contents is okay; then, at chatper 18, the page numbering
>restarts at page 3.

[ ... stuff deleted ... ]

First, I wouldn't advise using the Master Doc option. It has too many
bugs. What I do is create a separate TOC document and, after adding a few
blank lines, insert the reference document {RD} field. Within this field, you
will need to list each DOC file, including the disk and path if necessary.
Just make sure that when you put the path in, you use two backslashes "\\"
instead of the usual single backslash. Then go back to the beginning of the
document and insert your TOC and any other references. As long as the RD
field is in the document, it will be included.

Hopefully this will help.


- Mike Bandor (bandorm -at- jcave -dot- com)
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