Re: personal business

Subject: Re: personal business
From: "Bachison, Cliff W. @ SLG" <CBACHISO -at- SLC -dot- UNISYSGSG -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 12:42:00 MST

In regards to the following:

<Dear Mr. Andraksen/ Ms. Kinion/ Mr. Kent et al,

I don't know any of you. I deeply resent being drawn into your personal
battles. One of the reasons that I joined this listserv was to participate
in professional discussions. What I have found instead is that there is a
great deal of discussion that should be -IMHO-off-line. Yours is just the
latest example.

If the nature of the list doesn't change quickly, I will be signing off.

Julie Tholen>


This is nothing against Ms. Tholen or anyone else, but her post and the
posts of the other gladiators got me thinking.

I kind of like being sucked into the personal battles of others. Maybe I am
powerless to help them, but at least I feel that I am
dealing with real human beings when I read their emotional outbursts (and I
find that oddly comforting).

All the hub-bub over Mr. Kent's book has made me very curious. I have been
in this profession for over 20 years and
I have never met anyone who makes $200K a year tech-writing. It blows my
mind to think that that is possible. If Mr. Kent's book discusses ideas
and/or methods for doing such, even if the methods are only theoretical,
perhaps the rest of us should
be discussing it here. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am in this
business to make as many bucks as I can as pleasantly as I can and as
quickly as I can.

Good-naturedly Yours,
Cliff Bachison
cbachiso -at- slc -dot- unisysGSG -dot- com

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