Subject: campaigning
From: scot <scot -at- HCI -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 1996 09:51:52 +1100

>Please note that campaigning for STC elections is now considered permissible.

>Binion Amerson distributed this message to Region 5 leaders on 2/14/96:

>* Candidate Campaigning. STC President Saul Carliner--in consultation
>with JoAnn Hackos (1995-96 Nominating Committee Manager), Liz Babcock
>(1996-97 Nominating Committee Manager), Jody Heiken, Donna Sakson, and Bill
>Stolgitis--has ruled that active campaigning is permissible by the

Just because the STC thinks campaigning is OK doesn't make it OK for this
list; some of us are not members of the STC and are instead members of our
own national organisations. I wish people would realise that the concerns
which dominate -their- corner of the world aren't issues for a lot of others.

Although personally I don't care either way whether its allowed on the list
or not, the decision is for the listowner, not the STC.

Whatever you do, vote for the ALP on March 2nd*. There. Does that mean
anything to you? Should it? Would you like to hear all about the ASTC(NSW) too?

ciao, scot.

*Spaniards: read this as 'vote for Gonzales' (sorry but I can't write that
in Spanish without the assistance of my girlfriend!).
HCI Consulting, GPO Box 4846 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia.
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