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Subject: ADMIN: Digest idea
From: Beverly Parks <bparks -at- HUACHUCA-EMH2 -dot- ARMY -dot- MIL>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 1996 09:56:06 MST

Peter Kent <76711 -dot- 2557 -at- compuserve -dot- com> wrote-->
> May I humbly suggest a way that people can make working in a large list easier
> for themselves, and still allow a wide diversity of opinion and subjects?

> All mailing lists will contain msgs that not everyone wants to see. One good way
> to handle this problem is by getting the message Digest instead of individual
> messages. That way you get a single large msg each day, instead of dozens of
> small msgs...

> Julie Tholen told me that this is awkward for her--she likes to save individual
> messages. Well, here's another suggestion, then. I personally believe every
> technical writer should be using a programmable keyboard, programmable mouse, or
> one of those little toolbar thingies that let you add keyboard macros to any
> application, and macros native to their applications...
Thanks to a suggestion from TobyM on the Copyediting-L list,
I've discovered a nifty Windows utility called ClipMate. It
replaces the Windows clipboard so that you can save *multiple*
clippings. I've only begun to use it, but I can see where it
would be extremely helpful to folks who receive digests.
Here's Toby's description of ClipMate (used with permission):

========= Begin Toby's words

... ClipMate has turned out to be even more helpful than I had
originally hoped. It has indeed made it possible for me to keep
up with CE-L, and I use it for just about everything else as
well (including surfing the Net).

Basically, ClipMate expands the usefulness of Windows Clipboard
by enabling you to save more than one item at a time on the
Clipboard (you can save hundreds of text and graphic items).
Windows users (I'm using Windows 3.1; I don't know about the
Clipboard function of Windows 95) [* It works with Win95--I use
it. Bev *] know that when you save an item to the Clipboard, the
last item stored there is overwritten. With ClipMate, you use
the same Cut, Copy, and Paste commands from the Edit menu of an
Windows-compatible program, but you don't have to Paste the
material you've just saved to the Clipboard to a document (to
prevent it from being overwritten by the next item you want to
save) until you're good and ready. Clipmate stores all the
Clipboard items for you.

When activated, ClipMate appears as an icon on your desktop
until you click on it and open it; even when open, it's just a
little menu bar with a button bar beneath it and a drop-down
list of the items you've pasted to the Clipboard underneath
that (Clipboard is a small rectangle, about 2" by 5", and you
can open ClipMate while you're in any other Windows program,
including Eudora or Netscape's Navigator). What you see in the
drop-down list are the first lines of whatever you copied to
the Clipboard. However, you can click on a button and "magnify"
any of these first lines; this means that the entire item then
appears in a window. Not only can you now edit the item, but
you can give it a title of your own choosing. You can also
"glue" together any items you select.

To give you a concrete example of how I've recently used
ClipMate: I've been following the thread on the word
"granfalloon." Every time it appeared in a posting, I'd
"select" the text I wanted to save and Copy it to the
ClipMate-enhanced Clipboard. I'd "title" each of these items
"granfalloon," and eventually I "glued" all the granfalloon
items together into a single item. In the meantime, of course,
I was following other threads as well (by selecting the
sentences I wanted from various postings, titling them, and
eventually gluing like items together).

======== End of Toby's words.

There is a website for ClipMate:

=*= Beverly Parks -- bparks -at- huachuca-emh2 -dot- army -dot- mil =*=
=*= "I am not speaking for my employer." =*=

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