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Subject: Re: Re[3]: Electronic File Transfer
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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 11:12:54 -0600

In <199603041521 -dot- AA05030 -at- hoover -dot- gilbarco -dot- com>, on 03/04/96 at 10:22 AM,
Rick Sapir <rick_sapir -at- gilbarco -dot- com> said:

>> - usability
>> Someone explained in an earlier post that Acrobat is a remote
>> printing program, not unlike PostScript, except that it has a
>> viewer. If you choose Acrobat, then you also take a decision
>> to give the user a page-for-page representation of your hardcopy
>> document. You can hyperlink the document, but other packages
>> are better suited for this task. You can search the document,
>> but to what end? Acrobat is not suitable for putting
>> information online. It is suitable for putting documents
>> online that your user will print.

>What about if you design the Acrobat document _specifically_ for online
>use? I think it is highly suitable for online use because of the
>cross-platform compatibility and the ability to "freeze" the
>document/page/screen structure (unlike HTML which interprets the
>information based on the user's viewer program).

And this is a bad thing? If I'm among the 85% or so Joe Windows User, I'm
still running stock 640x480x16 VGA, and I'm going to be mighty miffed if
you created your document to fit your full 1280x1024 21" workstation
display, and I can't view it properly because Acrobat doesn't allow
automatic reformatting to the viewer's size and shape.

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