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Subject: Re: Doing your own art
From: copp <copp -at- FOX -dot- NSTN -dot- CA>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 17:32:16 GMT

dlmoody -at- indyunix -dot- iupui -dot- edu wrote:

>I am using Adobe Illustrator art files (they seem to be smaller in size than
>Corel Draw files) and am merging this lineart with WordPerfect text
>files. Combinding these in an electronic typesetting program (XYvision)
>I can get down complete installation instructions to a Docutect system in
>what seems to be the time line movement of a concept.

>What I really want to get to is using video tape of an installation
>(HVAC) - (could be anything) to use as a foundation for writing sequence
>of events. As one begins to write from viewing a particular tape one could
>stop periodically and pick a frame to use as an illustration, import that
>digital siginal into Photoshop, do an Adobe Illustrator file,then go back
>and forth between writing and imaging the remain sequence. Do you know
>anyone working in this fashion?

The only thing I have heard about that is remotely like what you
describe is a program called The Snapper (not to be confused with the
book or movie). This software allows you to plug a video tape
recorder into the back of your PC and "pull" frames from the
videotape. A friend of a friend has apparently used it for web pages
with great success. (She is a realtor and uses the Snapper to show
walk throughs of the homes on the market.) Keep in mind -- I have
never seen it work and I'm not sure that the .jpg format will give you
the resolution/detail that a print document demands. Hope this has
been somewhat helpful.

Good luck.

Stephanie Copp
Technical Writer
Toronto, Canada
copp -at- io -dot- org (home)
copp -at- fox -dot- nstn -dot- ca (work)

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