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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 10:05:35 -0600

In <96Mar7 -dot- 072403-0800pdt -dot- 205193-308+25 -at- orb -dot- direct -dot- ca>, on 03/07/96 at
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>acrobat does not "reflow" the display.

I know that. Where did I say it does?

>when you zoom into an area, it's like a magnifying glass. everything just
> gets bigger - pictures crop at the edge of the viewing window.

>an inaccurate comment like claiming that acrobat reflows the display on
>magnification changes makes me think you actually never have used the
>program. and might not have any experience working directly with
>postscript or gml type languages at all.

And I didn't say that Acrobat reflows the document; I said HTML browsers
DO, which makes HTML more useful for creating and viewing documents where
content is more important than format.

An inaccurate accusation like claiming that I claimed that Acrobat reflows
the display on magnification changes makes me think you don't read
messages thoroughly enough before replying. In fact, I don't recall
saying anything at all about magnification. :-)

>BTW, i use os/2 as well. did you file your comments into IBM that the
>next version of Warp should include multiple master ATM and and acrobat
>reader? they were taking comments (i think it's still open..although
>merlin is due out in a short it might be what ever comes

I sent them a few suggestions, yes. The Merlin public beta is due to be
released in April though, and if they follow the same pattern they did for
Warp, they'll still be plenty open to suggestions for the final version,
once the beta is released.

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is a new metaphor for... reality." -- Queensryche

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