Summary: Evaluating Online Help

Subject: Summary: Evaluating Online Help
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 21:15:00 EST

I didn't get very many responses to my plea for information about
instructional design and evaluation of online help systems, but I did get a
couple leads that should prove to be useful. Several Techwhirlers asked me
to share what I have found.

Debbi Gabriel (gabriel -at- netzone -dot- com) wrote:
>Robert Mager teaches courses on instructional design. He may have books
>available to the public as well. My former spouse took one of them, and
>found it very effective. It was one of those 5 days for $2,000 courses given
>at a local resort. Mager was effective and entertaining! I believe his
>office is in Scottsdale or Cave Creek, AZ.

Samantha Alper (salper -at- col -dot- hp -dot- com) wrote:
>In a course on developing online help that I took at New Mexico Tech,
>the instructor, Jon Price, had an extensive (4 or 5 page) checklist
>for evaluating the help. I thought I had a copy of it still, but I
>don't. However, you can contact Dr. Price at jon_price -at- aol -dot- com I believe.

>One of the books (or rather, set of books) that I have recently found
>very helpful was _Making Instruction Work_, by Robert E. Mager. The
>book makes a number of common-sense points that are easy to forget.
>The overall ISBN is 0-8224-4344-9 and _Making_Instruction_Work_
>is ISBN 0-8224-4467-4. The publisher is

>David S. Lake Publishers
>500 Harbor Blvd
>Belmont, CA 94002

Thanks for the leads!

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