Any interest in a In-continent indexing workshop?

Subject: Any interest in a In-continent indexing workshop?
From: Jack Shaw <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 11:18:08 -0800

...little wordplay, there...

Would any of you non-North American types be interested in
sharing the joys and fees of an indexing workshop here in the
Old Country? This of course is by no means meant to exclude
those of you who would rather spend your vacation dollars to
parse paragraphs instead of commingle in castles or quaff much for alliteration...but I felt it would be
better to direct this at people earning their pan/pain/brot/broodje

If enough of us here can pool our (hopefully, employer's)
resources and come together, we could spend an enriching three
or four days and maybe even retain enough to return the investment.
With none other than Lori Lathrop as guru, I don't think we could
go wrong. With forethought, we could even ask her to tailor things
to prespecified needs, such as:

* Master indexing (my need)
* Getting the most out of the inadequate indexing paradigms
built in to a lot of today's software (my need)
* Indexing with on-line (web, help, etc.) in mind (my God...)
* "Harmonizing/tuning" the final index (I gave up...)

-- not to mention plain old "how to..." stuff to remedy methodology
acquired by unconscious assimilation while doing "5 minutes to
midnight" indexes. I. e., Whatever you have in mind but never wanted
to admit not knowing. Suggest.

If we could scrape together about 12 - 15 naive souls with a misguided
sense of what's fun, we just might be able to pull something off. I
had the late summer or early fall in mind, but only for starters.
Once we have a headcount, we'll guesstimate a price based on
participation and the ambiance agreed upon (no, we can't pitch a tent
at the end of the Frankfurt Flughafen runway--they've got very strict
zoning here, and a variance request takes forever). the important thing
is early planning. Besides, Lori is snowbound until at least May, so it
couldn't be any earlier anyway -- ;-)

I might even be able to arrange for Frank N. Stein's (honest...)
castle as a crime scene. I hear that they have recently installed
Hollywood-style waterracks, and the thumbscrews are all Gucci. You
could relish the view of the Rhine Valley (if it isn't raining...), and
I save on the commute. But it takes an early commitment, so I can't

Any takers? Send me a note (please ensure your note has a notice of
copyright and include a copyright release, in triplicate, with a raised
notary seal so I can cite your note to others, who in turn will contact
you for further residual publication rights as required. And I thought I
was off-topic...geez...). For the rest of you who find redemption in
the discussion of rights of royalty for your on-line musings, we'll take
this offline and stop the distraction...


Jack Shaw

My employer is as yet unaware of this scam, so don't blame Software
AG for this...

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