Re: pride of ownership

Subject: Re: pride of ownership
From: Guy McDonald <guym -at- DAKA -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 17:36:45 -0800

Kicking off a different thread with: "So I take it you normally do not:

- work closely and directly with management
- fit technical documentation & training into a palatial package

so that the entire company (client) will benefit?"

Colleen Dancer's reply: "We are a user pays environment and the clients
usually regard money not spent on stuff going directly to air as distinctly

my response: I do not desire to wander down this road with you Colleen
(under this thread). You brought up a very important issue to all of us
who write technical documentation. Perhaps this thread is better suited
under a new header (i.e. "Convincing Management the Value of Training")?
No matter the name... this is not what I am focusing on now. Read onward
& hopefully you will understand my thoughts in this quickly thrown together
note. :)
Colleen states: "We do fit training and doco together, but the clients
usually do the training, we just train the client trainers. They may not
have been
trained as trainers. No it aint ideal, but we can't control it."

my reply: This addresses the original question. My interest lies in
overcoming such obstacles by placing the onus on management during the
proposal/contract negotiation stage of the project. A signed & heartily
supported approval stamp by management at the forefront is tantamount to
achieving successful employee motivation (pride in ownership).
Colleen states further: "I find that doing the doco and training can often
improve morale, especially if you make it your responsibility to ensure
dissemination of information to the ranks during the project but if there
are fundamental management issues, you are still going to have a lot of

my reply: to repeat... inclusion at the front of the project prevents such
disasters. Knowledge of a unsupportive management team also prevents Tech
Writer headaches if such a contract is undertaken.
Colleen continues: "So while I think doco and training make a big
difference to
morale and pride of work, they are only some of the contributing factors.
Others can be management style, pay, conditions, lack of career
progression, lack of responsibility, not enough time to do a decent job.
Actually I find the last point to be the most critical in demoralising a
worker and for them losing pride in their work, that and lack of
recognition for their efforts. Hope this made it clearer"

my closing remark: Indeed. I also wish to hear from others who do not
have such limitations currently. This is your open door "welcome mat"
folks... :)

As to Colleen, THANK YOU for allowing us a small glimpse into your
situation. Best wishes and heartfelt encouragement to you. Here's to
positive progress in all our daily tasks.

Guy McDonald
guym -at- daka -dot- com

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