Re: Indexing workshop backtalk...

Subject: Re: Indexing workshop backtalk...
From: Jack Shaw <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 17:09:08 -0800, feedback. Sorry

Wow! I didn't know so many people knew so little about so much!

Oh, sorry--for those who missed it, we're entertaining the notion of
having an Indexing Workshop here in the Old Country that would make
it worthwhile for Lori Lathrop to incur terminal jet lag and come over.
I started out looking for people here, but the interest is just
as strong on other sides of the pond. We entertained the notion of a
three- to four-day bash.

50% of those interested are from The Colonies and points north, too...
are you seriously interested, or just after the cheap beer?

OK, I'll assume your intentions are honorable. Now, if those who
indicated a casual interest will provide me a bit more info. on
what you're after and what you'd like in an indexing workshop,
I'll drop it on Lori L., and we'll put together a tentative program
for your perusal. The sooner we do this, the sooner I'll know how
many boxes of Crayolas to order.

But assuming a certain amount of attrition of good intentions will
occur, it still leaves room for about six more (I have this arbitrary
number of 20 in mind...). So I'll leave the tentative enrollment
open four a couple more days before I start a FIFO stack wait queue.

I feel kinda guilty in not being able to offer more proximity to folks
"up over" in Australia (who's to say who's on top, right?) and that
region, but maybe after Lori's experience with us, she'll welcome a
respite with those of you if you can get something going in your area.
Matter of fact, if I pull this one off I'd be happy to offer my
professional consulting services, for a fee plus expenses, to organize
a similar expenditure of your money and resources there...

Anyway, I'll keep the "enrollment" open for a couple more days, should
some of you be interested. I've still got to put the word out on the
INDEX-L list, too...oh, and not to fear: the language shall be limited
to English and its contemporary derivatives. I've heard that Lori tends
to digress into Romansch at times, but she'll just have to get herself
under control for this...

Jack Shaw
jsh -at- software-ag -dot- de

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