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Subject: Re: RTF Versions
From: kaikow -at- STANDARDS -dot- COM
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 15:26:39 GMT

RTF has nothing to do with ANSI. RTF is a proprietary format developed by
Microsoft. Microsoft has made the spec available so that others can
implement it, but, as many of us have found, not everybody implements RTF
in the same way, and non-Microsoft implementations tend to lag the latest
Microsoft implementation, surprise!

The lastest version of RTF is 1.4 and is documented in the gc0165.exe
file at in the softlib/mslfiles directory.

The corresponding document for each earlier version of RTF is found at
various places on internet. Try /pub/RTF on ftp.primate.wisc.ed for the
earlier documents.

In article <4ibcsp$2fs -at- elektron -dot- et -dot- tudelft -dot- nl>,
Zweitze de Vries <zweitze -at- cyco -dot- nl> wrote:
>In article <NEWTNews -dot- 826736919 -dot- 949 -dot- chou -at- N5145 -dot- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com>,
>"H. Chou" <chou -at- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com> says:

>>can anyone tell me what versions of Rich Text Format/Interchange Format
>>the following word processors use?

>>Word 6.0 for Windows/Mac
>>Word 2.0 for Windows
>>Word 5.1 for Mac
>>latest versin of WordPerfect

>You can easy find out the RTF version by creating a small file,
>and read this file in an ASCII viewer. The file starts with:

>{rtf.\ansi ....
> ^ This is your version number.
>Note: the mac version probably does not say "ansi" but something else.
>It should be able to READ an ansi version, though.

>>Thanks. We are considering putting some documentation on-line for people
>>to download (yes, they would be very large files), and have been
>>discussing what formats to put it in. Postscript is one of them. Word
>>DOC files is another. I've been proposing putting things in Mac
>>versions, as well, since a large portion of our customers is mac-based,
>>but we don't want ot have to support everything (we are a small dept, and
>>do a bunch of other things, like maintain our own web server, etc). any
>>info would be great. chou (hchou -at- als -dot- ameritech -dot- com)

>RTF is a good choice. Most word-processing apps understand RTF.


> Zweitze de Vries zweitze -at- cyco -dot- nl
> Cyco Software Development
> Handelskade 49
> Rijswijk, Netherlands (+31) 70 3954179

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