Re: WordPerfect Advice

Subject: Re: WordPerfect Advice
From: Marilynne Smith <mrsmith -at- CTS -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 03:29:00 PST

At 08:52 AM 3/14/96 CST, Carl Rudorf wrote:
>TO Marilynne Smith (with empathy):

>I have been using WordPerfect to create end-user documents for years. Yes, the
>Master Doc feature is poorly designed. Currently I'm using WP 6.1 DOS (I tried
>6.1 Windows, but failed to get it to run under OS/2).
My reply
No matter what anyone says, WordPerfect isn't compatible with OS/2. Until
they make a special OS/2 version, I'm not going to attempt it. (and I'm not
holding my breath waiting for it.)
Carl says
One significant flaw in the design is that when you generate ToC, CRefs
>, & Ndx the procedure invariably looks for an Index Concordance file. In other
>words, even if you don't specify a path/file name when defining the index, the
>Generate procedure looks for one.
I'm using a concordance file. It's a bit over enthusiastic, but for my
purposes, it works.
Carl says
Additionally, when the moon and stars are
>finally in alignment and you succeed (!), you're apt to discover the procedure
>has thrown out spurious hard returns, thereby destroying your page layout.
My reply
Are you forcing a new page or using a hard page break? I'm having problems
with page breaks I didn't ask for and can't delete.
Carl says
>The strategy I've developed over time is ugly and time consuming. In essence, I
>create an index and ToC for each chapter and then compile the information
>"manually" for the entire document.
My reply
Yes, this will help solve the problem. We only have a few months to do the
documentation, I need a quick solution.
Carl says
>WordPerfect has been no help whatsoever on this front. Indeed, tech support
>have told me that -- unofficially -- my attempts to create documents that
>500k are foolhardy. Gee, maybe I'm using the wrong tools.
My reply
Are they saying that the customer is wrong? <grin> I gave up on help desks
after getting *help* from a major company that brought my computer to its
knees. I just kept doing what they told me to do until the machine barely
worked. At this point I was told I had all the *free* help I was going to
get and would have to start paying for it. The end result of the discussion
that followed was that I received a personal customer support person who saw
to it that I had the help I needed to get my machine up and running again.
For a while it looked like they might need to send someone out to work on
the machine (it was my home machine).

If I was asked what tools I needed to do this job, I'd pick BookMaster or
Frame. However, as is common, they just told me that I was doing the
documentation in WordPerfect. (After all, the secretary does really nice
letters using WordPerfect.)
Carl says
>Thankfully, the boys in the front office here at TinkerTronics (sic) bought my
>proposal to upgrade to Frame 5.1. Let's see if their hype holds up to scrutiny
>-- or just a couple large, complex documents requiring a comprehensive index.
>Good luck.
My reply
I've heard that the learning curve on Frame is a bit long, but the effort is
worth it. I've tinkered with it and found it pretty agreeable. Hope that
holds true for you.

Thanks for the help.

Marilynne Smith
mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com

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