Re: Scorned Feminists

Subject: Re: Scorned Feminists
From: John Hedtke <jhedtke -at- OZ -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 14:13:44 GMT

Marilynne Smith <mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com> wrote:

>Tim Alton says:
>Their contributions to the industry will eventually change attitudes and pay
>scales, and perhaps, in time, the language. Unknown and unrecorded, their
>accumulation of merit is, even now, altering the face of the business world.
>My reply

>I have a rule of thumb when looking for work: If the writers are all
>female, look elsewhere. In my experience, an all female writing group
>indicates lower wages, lower status, and all sorts of negative things. I
>would also steer *far* away from an all female group where a male is the

>I may miss a few good jobs with this, but I find my rights are better
>protected when the manager (male or female) is looking to build a good
>department with good writers. The result of that type of search is usually
>a mix of male and female writers.

>mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com
>Marilynne Smith
>mrsmith -at- cts -dot- com

Interesting rule, Marilynne. I can definitely see where you would
have this opinion. I'd like to provide a counter-example.

As it happens, I was the manager of Technical Publications for a
department I built from scratch. I had 17 writers directly reporting
to me (24 total counting some subordinate managers), almost all of
whom were women (when I quit, there were 4 men in the group).
Salaries averaged around $40,000 plus equal stock options all around
-- a strongly competitive wage in Seattle for 5yrs experience at the
time. I had a 0% turnover for 2 years -- not bad for a high-tech
company, eh? :)

Yours Truly,

John Hedtke

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