Re: Full text searches

Subject: Re: Full text searches
From: Tony Ioven/Voice Processing Corp <Tony_Ioven/Voice_Processing_Corp -at- VPRO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 07:37:50 -0600

Tim Altom writes...
>>When we empower the user, we also burden the user.
>>It's a Hobbs choice. I prefer to err on the side of anticipating
>>the client's needs and trying to take most of the burden on

Why does it have to be EITHER a keyword search or full-text search? Why not
follow Microsoft's lead and offer both? I don't think we're imposing a burden
on users by offering them a choice.

Also, are you giving enough credit to your "lowest-denominator" audience? I
don't think a user needs to be a terribly sophisticated to define a focused
search. I guess I don't see it as the burden you describe.

I think full-text searches are a great feature -- so good, in fact, that it may
well replace keyword searches as a general search tool, leaving keyword
searches to specialized uses such as ALink macro searches for Related Topics.

Tony Ioven
tioven -at- vpro -dot- com

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