Re: Online with IBM's BookManager

Subject: Re: Online with IBM's BookManager
From: Reinhard Jaehnig <RJaehnig -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 18:14:09 -0500

At 09:40 AM 3/20/96 CST, Carl Rudorf wrote:

>I am nevertheless at a loss as to how the BUILD product
>interprets such things as hard returns,

We have recently acquired version 2 of the BUILD program,
but haven't had any time for testing this version, yet. Mean-
while we stick to version 1.2.

BUILD wraps normal text automatically; in my experience,
the program respects the line feeds which you insert in your
text, though. The program behaves in an odd manner when
it comes to wrapping the first line of a paragraph after a table:
we now insert the line feed manually in the first line of text after
a table and that seems to do the trick.

By the way: BUILD ignores hard spaces between words, so
don't be surprise to get "HENRY" at the end of the line and
"IV" at the beginning.

If you want to have complete control over the way the line wraps,
you have to define your paragraph as "EXAMPLE" in the rules.

>page breaks

BUILD ignores page breaks: why have page breaks for screen display.

>tabs and left indents. Although I employ these elements consistently
>throughout my WP 6 / DOS doc, the BUILD product deals with
>them erratically.

I haven't completely figured out what works and what doesn't (not to think
of why some things work and why others don't). And we use our styles
consistenly throughout our Winword documents, too. It took us quite a bit
of experimenting to get our numbered and bulleted lists with left outdent

x) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

x) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If we use different measures for indents and tab stops, BUILD might just
format the first ten paragraphs the way it is supposed to and lose the
on the remaining two paragraphs. After fruitless experimenting we gave up
the idea of using a second level of indenting and use tables, instead:
that does the trick (if you don't mind the extra line at the beginning and
end of the table).

Have fun with the product.

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