British English in _tech writing_

Subject: British English in _tech writing_
From: Melissa Hunter-Kilmer <mhunterk -at- BNA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 09:35:22 EST

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, I wrote:

> If you think of some examples, could you post them?
> Things like "bonnet" for "hood" have no relevance here,
> and that's all I can think of.

That same day, Tim Altom <taltom -at- IQUEST -dot- NET> responded twice:

> There are actually a lot of small-scale opportunities for
> misunderstanding the Brits. A flashlight, for example, is
> an "electric torch," and "endorsements" are motoring
> violations. And remember that while software accounts for
> most documentation, most misunderstandings probably occur
> over mechanicals. A "wrench" in Brit English is usually a
> sharp jerk on an item, while a "spanner" is the tool you
> use to wrench it with.

Well, that's almost relevant, I guess.

<snipped story about an American making a long-distance --
or "trunk" -- call in England>

<snipped story about bangers, or sausage>

<snipped story in which Tim quotes a friend telling us about
being knocked up and having one's door knocked on>

Just in case anybody else wants to respond to this, please,
please, please read what I asked for and consider that this
*is* the technical writing list, not the OffTopic list. I
said that the hood/bonnet stuff was _irrelevant_ to tech
writing. Could somebody think of some examples that *are*
relevant to tech writing? Other stuff is amusing, but it
should go on private notes to friends or on some other list,
not here.

When my original message is quoted, I kind of expect the
response to respond to it. Go figure. I mean, if we can't
read and respond to directions, what kind of tech writers
are we?

Melissa Hunter-Kilmer
mhunterk -at- bna -dot- com
(standard disclaimer)

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