Re: Sun workstation mouse problems

Subject: Re: Sun workstation mouse problems
From: John Posada <jposada -at- NOTES -dot- CC -dot- BELLCORE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 12:46:27 -0500

What I liked about it was that there was no ball to get dirty
and affect the smooth movement of the mouse. I got tired of
banging the ball-style mouse on the table to get it to scroll

I don't get it. I've been using the same mouse since last September for an
average of 60 hours per week, sometimes 80 hours or more per week for several
weeks at a time.

I eat at my desk...I drink at my desk...I'm not what you would call the neatest
user that you've ever seen. In all that time, I can honestly say that the ONLY
clean thing on or near my desk is the mouse ball. When I first read this
message, the first thing I did was to look at the bottom of my mouse. No gunk,
no crap, no toe-jam, no nothing. (By the way...its the standard Microsoft

I then started trying to figger out what I do differently. I can only think of
two things. First, the mouse pads that I use and I'm on my third mouse pads
since September are the cloth covered type as opposed to the shinny surface
pads. (By the way...I don't wear out the surface, but the bottom edge of the
pad where my palm sits. I find that the cloth surface tends to get rubbed and
curl up.) The other thing is that BECAUSE I know I'm such a slob at my station,
every morning, as a habit, it slap my mouse pad once against my leg or the edge
of my desk as soon as I sit down at my workstation in the morning. I don't
realize that I'm doing it...habit I picked up several years ago.

At any rate, I've never (including for more than several years prior to this
position) had a gunked-up mouse ball.

John Posada
Technical Writer
Bell Communications Research, Piscataway, NJ
(908) 699-5839 (W)
jposada -at- notes -dot- cc -dot- bellcore -dot- com (W)
I don't speak for my employer and they return the favor

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