Re: Interleaf and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Subject: Re: Interleaf and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
From: "Susan Self @ignite" <susan -at- ALSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 11:54:15 PST

Erika Cilengir asked:

>Do writers who use Interleaf on a Sun have a higher chance of developing CTS
>than those who use FrameMaker on a PC or Word on a Macintosh?

I don't know of any studies, but I have long suspected myself that
"mousing" a lot is not good for a person. A fellow here who was using
Interleaf on an X-terminal had carpel tunnel syndrome very badly. He had all
kinds of wrist protectors and mouse pads and whatever to alleviate the
pain. I use FrameMaker on an X-terminal and I try to use keyboard shortcuts
as much as possible to avoid using the mouse. When I have had to use the
mouse extensively, however, I have noticed my wrist hurting as a sign
of too much repetitive motion. I also have a friend who uses a Mac
exclusively who has had wrist problems and who changes back and forth
between left and right mouse use to help the situation. So, my experience
leads me to believe that too much mousing is not a good thing for
anybody on any platform with any DTP tool. It pays to be a good typist
and maximize use of the keyboard.

Susan Self
susan -at- thomsoft -dot- com

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