Re: windows terminology

Subject: Re: windows terminology
From: "Susan Self @ignite" <susan -at- ALSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 10:14:10 PDT

Chris Hulin asked:

>What's the proper term for the file-tab window things that are so common in
>most windows programs now? I mean the things like this:
________ _______
_____/Option 1\_______\_
| |
| |
>where you click a tab and it comes to the front.

Several answers were that they are just called "tabs". However, this
answer does not describe the collection of tabs as a whole.

KL Group has a Motif-based XRT/gear widget set that includes a
Tab Manager with Tab Buttons that emulates the Windows "file-tab
window." In their documentation, KL Group calls the composite
a "tabbed dialog," which I find a rather appealing term.
So, if the Windows documentation does not have a term to describe
the composite, why not use "tabbed dialog" and set a trend?

Susan Self
susan -at- thomsoft -dot- com

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