Re: Interleaf, Stress, and RSI

Subject: Re: Interleaf, Stress, and RSI
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 08:39:00 EST

I'm very surprised to read the many complaints of RSI from using Interleaf.
Most complaints fingered Interleaf on Sun, and now Melonie Holliman
<mrh -at- ABMDATA -dot- COM> has complained of RSI from using Interleaf on Macintosh.
I'm very surprised to read these complaints. I had a long, enjoyable,
pain-free experience with Interleaf.

I worked for five years with two other writers in an Interleaf shop. We
used Interleaf Publisher for Macintosh for two years and Interleaf 5 on IBM
RS/6000 for three years. We worked in Interleaf seven out of eight hours
every typical day. Using the Macintosh version was somewhat uncomfortable,
as Melonie pointed out, because executing commands required holding down the
command key while clicking the mouse button. None of us, however,
complained of any pain or strain. Our ergonomically correct cubicles
probably contributed to our comfort. Our injury-free record continued
through our years of I5 on RS/6000, despite having moved to a work area that
was an ergonomic nightmare.

Could the Sun platform somehow increase the risk of strain when using
mouse-intensive applications? Could the workspaces be a contributing factor?


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