Interleaf, Stress, and RSI

Subject: Interleaf, Stress, and RSI
From: Melonie Holliman <mrh -at- ABMDATA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 07:56:34 -0600


I worked in office in which over 3 years 6 out of
7 people formed RSI. Out of those getting RSI, all
but one worked primarily with Interleaf. We started
out on Ileaf 3 on the Mac (Hold down the <Ctrl> key
and use the mouse, talk about shoulder strain).
Later on, we moved to Ileaf 5 on the Sun platform,
same problems (even new people--within a year of
starting in our office).

Some things to note:

1) One person working primarily on Ileaf never got it.
One person never working on Ileaf did; however, she
did use a mouse almost exclusively.

2) A few of these people worked elsewhere on the same
platform for years and never got RSI.

3) We had a very stressful work environment with lots
of politics, deadlines, low-pay, and long hours.

So, is it mice, Interleaf, stress or what?

If you want my opinion, it is all the above. I think
stress is the NUMBER ONE factor (I am interested in
opinions on this). The more stressed I am, the more
I hurt.


I will never be that stressed again in my life.

So long,


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