HUMOUR: If Craig Shergold Wrote Dr Seuss Parodies...

Subject: HUMOUR: If Craig Shergold Wrote Dr Seuss Parodies...
From: Stuart Burnfield <slb -at- FS -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 16:49:56 +0800

Should we let users customise the colours in our software?

This is usually considered good practice -- the vendor supplies well-chosen
default colours, but users can change them for whatever reason:

- user's display is greyscale or only handles limited colours
- user is colour-blind, and the default colours don't work for them
- user is from another culture, where colours have different connotations
- user just likes red letters on a green background

What if a single copy of the software is shared by several users? There
are no user preferences; if one person changes the colours, everyone gets
the new ones.

What if the software uses colours to indicate relative severity, such as
blue for normal, orange for warnings, and red for serious alarms?

What do you think?

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