FrameMaker Wish List, Pt. 2

Subject: FrameMaker Wish List, Pt. 2
From: Tony Rocco <tony_rocco -at- NAVIS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 10:00:45 U

Mail*Link(r) SMTP FrameMaker Wish List, Pt. 2

Here is the second part of Frame's response to out wish list. I think there
is one more to come.

Date: 4/8/96 14:36
From: Diane Burrows
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Your Frame Products Customer ID number is 181494
Please use this number when making new inquiries to
comments -at- frame -dot- com or when calling the technical
support phone line. This will help us more quickly
process your requests.

For follow-up to this mailing, refer to TS Case: 273142

Dear Tony:

You write:

A continuation of your enhancement request issues:

Ability to open MacWrite files

Import filters for MacWrite 5.0 and MacWrite II are provided in both
FrameMaker 4 and 5.

Add HTML templates

I have logged Enhancement Request 107387 on your behalf.

Allow program to read MS Word files that contain tables.

The Word import filter does support tables. If this does not work for
you, please send in a separate email to comments -at- frame -dot- com describing
the problem (please provide the error message/number, if applicable)
and we will open a new case and research this problem further.

A macro recorder.
Easy-to-use macro language
Easy-to-learn and use, but sophisticated macro language,
comparable to WordBasic.

We do not provide the ability to create a keyboard macro on the
Macintosh because many users have third party utilities (such as Quick
Keys) that they use to create macros. Enhancement Request 58770 has
been logged.

An outline viewing mode

Enhancement Request 38460 has been logged.

The ability to tile oversize docs when printing to a standard
(8.5 x 11) printer.

We do not support tiling/signature printing/imposition printing.
Enhancement Request 82736 has been logged. I have also included
technical note 757 for you in this regard.

Allow paste of MS Word tables wholesale

When tables are copied from Word and pasted into FrameMaker, the table
comes in as text which can then be converted to a table in FrameMaker.
However, I would recommend using the Word import filter which does
support tables.

The ability to find and change in all chapters of a book at once.

This has been logged as Enhancement Request 81283.

Better dialog box for "Page Setup." FrameMaker should have a
dialog box like Word and PageMaker have where you can easily
set up and modify the document characteristics, such as facing
pages, margins, paper size, etc.

I have logged Enhancement Request number 107388 for you in this regard.

Mouse shortcuts that use the right (or secondary) mouse button

Can you provide more specifics on what keyboard shortcuts you want to
see. In general, we try to keep the shortcuts cross platform compatible
as much as possible.

The redraw in Frame 5 on Windows for Workgroups is lousy. Often
when I modify my docs, I have to scroll up and down to get rid
of the "ghost" text and images from before the modification.

Control-L should refresh the screen.

On the Macintosh, a normal Window menu for selecting open documents.

Can you please provide specifics on this, i.e., specifically what you
mean by a 'normal' window? I'm a little unclear on what you would like

The ability to put conditional text tags on a palette like other tags.

I have logged Enhancement Request 107389 on your behalf.

A Repeat command as in Microsoft Word that allows you to repeat
the last sequence of commands or settings

Enhancement Request 83899 has been logged.

Eliminate the problem with tables overlapping text.

I am attaching technical note 1855 in this regard.

I should be able to address the few remaining issues tomorrow.

If you have any questions about this particular issue, please feel
free to contact me directly. All other inquiries should continue to
be addressed to comments -at- frame -dot- com -dot-

On 10/27/95 Adobe's acquisition of Frame Technology became final.
We have not yet begun to integrate Frame's product support
operation into Adobe. Until further notice, please continue
to obtain technical support for Frame products via telephone,
email and online services using the existing "Frame" phone
numbers and addresses.


Diane G. Arthur
Adobe Technical Support - Frame Products

Adobe Systems, Inc. - Frame Products Technical Support Numbers

Technical Support Hotline: 408.975.6466 Frame Products BBS: 408.975.6729
Technical Support Faxline: 408.975.6611 or 6730
FrameFacts FAX system: 408.975.6731 BigMac BBS: 408.975.6738

Frame Products Web Site: (includes a link to FTP site)
Frame Products FTP site: (or
login: anonymous & password: your email address
FrameFile: listserver -at- frame -dot- com: send an email to this address with
'SEND HELP' as the body of the message.
Compuserve: Section 17 of the Adobe Forum, type GO ADOBEAPP

Internet EMAIL: comments -at- frame -dot- com (Canada, U.S., Pac Rim & S.America)
intltechsup -at- frame -dot- com ( other international queries)

Corporate numbers below, use the information ABOVE for technical support.
333 West San Carlos, San Jose, CA 95110 Tel:408.975.6000 FAX:408.975.6799

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#KEYWORDS signature 16-page 32-page stripping
#DATE Tue Jul 21 14:05:05 PDT 1992
#TOPIC Signature printing of FM postscript files

Technical Note 757

FrameMaker does not currently support Signature printing (wherein
multiple pages are "stripped" onto a single large sheet and printed on
the press all at once, then these large sheets are folded and cut to
produce a complete 16- or 32-page signature of the final book)

Possible Soultions:

The following program can make signatures from our PostScript output:

1. Ultimate Technographics Inc.
800 Rene Levesque West Boulevard
Suite 2660
Montreal, QC H3B 1X9

800: 363-3590
514: 954-9050
fax 514: 954-9057

2. Preps by ScenicSoft, Inc.


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X-Sun-Data-Name: 1855
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#KEYWORDS bug rule reformat rehyphenate layout
#DATE Mon Dec 18 14:13:54 PST 1995
#TOPIC Why do my tables contain overlapping text and strange rulings?

Technical Note 1855


I opened a FrameMaker 4 document in FrameMaker release 5, and after
hitting return in the document, my tables suddenly looked very strange.
Text outside the table was overlapping the table, and there were very
strange table rulings in random places on these pages. How can I fix


Try rehyphenating the document (under Spelling Checker->Dictionaries->
Rehyphenate Document). This is a bug in FrameMaker 5.0 and 5.0.1 where
stale formatting information is left around after the table changes
positions. This has been logged as bug #102995.


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