Faked messages posted to Techwr-L

Subject: Faked messages posted to Techwr-L
From: Gwen Barnes <gwen -dot- barnes -at- MUSTANG -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 20:21:32 GMT

I would not like to see proactive censorship of this list, and would
oppose the additional process of "verification" of posts simply on the
basis of a few forgeries.

Get a grip, people. I am not willing to have my freedoms abridged, as an
honest citizen (of somewhere, anyway), because a minority of people act
irresponsibility. We can have a free society, or a completely orderly

A disturbed individual practicing kindergarten-level forgeries should
not be able to take away *everyone else's* freedoms. I ain't buying it.
The value of the information I receive on this list is in the balance --
having to go through the rigamarole of "approving" my own posts along
with everything else I have to deal with simply isn't worth it.

-> (Techwr-L is available as a newsgroup), and you can even retrieve
-> someone's "author profile." (The only current DejaNews hit for a
-> "Chuck Murray" search is a posting by someone [Not Me!] to a
-> "pen-pals" list. However, I'm sure the posting you're reading right
-> now will get indexed soon.)

-> So, for example, if you applied for a job and the employer checked
-> and found that you had [apparently!] posted "We got too many
-> women" or "Down with <ethnic/racial/sexual-orientation group>"
-> messages, this could severely limit your professional prospects
-> (to put it mildly). And the employer might not even check further
-> to read follow-up messages that say "Hey, it wasn't me!".

-> I don't know whether this list should start requiring confirmation
-> of postings, but we should all know and care about our personal
-> "visibility" on the Internet, because faked (or dumb or poorly
-> written, for that matter) messages with our names on them can
-> come back to haunt us.

-> - Chuck Murray
-> cjmurray -at- us -dot- oracle -dot- com
-> (Disclaimer: Speaking for myself and not for my employer.)

-> ***************************************************************
-> Chuck Murray Oracle Corporation
-> E-mail: cjmurray -at- us -dot- oracle -dot- com 110 Spit Brook Road, ZKO2-1/P02
-> Phone: (603) 881-2648 Nashua, NH 03062-2698
-> ***************************************************************

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