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Subject: Web pages
From: David Ibbetson <ibbetson -at- IDIRECT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 11:33:11 -0400

Bill Blinn writes:
>Long files have fewer connection delays, but in my experience connection
>delays after the initial connection tend to be short, because the site's IP
>address remains in the domain name server's cache.

That's not my experience. From what I can gather, delays depend on the type
of connection you have, how bad your phone lines (or equivalent) are, your
provider.... (I have no evidence that the colour of my hair (mostly grey)
affects transfer rates, but I wouldn't rule it out without a double blind
study. <emoticon for grin>

For instance, I've been having great trouble taking long files, effective
speed with a 28.8kBaud modem, 300cps. I thought it was my provider until I
found a neighbour with a 64k line, who's his own provider, was having
similar troubles. He thinks our lines are noisy. We're down town in a former
warehouse area which was rebuilt as residential starting around 20 years ago.

On the whole, I prefer scrolling down/following references within/ long
pages. For me, I can do something else while the page comes in, thereafter
it's faster than going to another page.

This is a bit incoherent, but I spent most of the night failing to take a
2.5meg file!

David (the idiot) Ibbetson

"Many terms which have now dropped out of favour will be revived, and those
that are at present respectable will drop out, if usage so choose, with whom
lies the decision, the judgement, and the rule of speech" -- Horace, _Ars

David Ibbetson, 133 Wilton St, #506, Toronto, M5A 4A4
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