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Subject: Looking to learn HTML
From: AL RUBOTTOM <0002108495 -at- MCIMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 00:18:00 EST

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I recently subscribed to Thomas Copley's Links Workshop to learn
more systematically about HTML. I know there are many good books
that you can buy [or borrow] to learn from, and I've looked at many.
I believe there is value in such a workshop [cost = $20] and so I
include an excerpt from his Welcome msg below as an introductory
description. Anyone interested in more info should send an
e-mail msg to info -at- arlington -dot- com . [I have no link to Mr. Copley,
other than as a satisfied consumer of his "product." I've sadly
not had time to give the lessons their full due, as I was laid off
last month and am now pursuing "other career options." What fun!]

Al Rubottom /\ 619.292.9998 /\ fax: 619.541.2260
2108495 -at- mcimail -dot- com

Excerpt [from Thomas Copley] follows:

Q4) What subjects will be covered and what is the time table?

A4) I have prepared the following brief overview, but please keep in
mind that this is only a summary. I will cover these subjects, as well
as others not in the overview, in considerable depth, at least within
the limits of an eight week workshop.

A. "Getting started with WWW." This topic includes:

* Getting access to the Web.

* Client-server applications.

* How to read a URL.

* Linking to specific Web resources such as hypertext pages,
gopher, FTP, telnet, and others.

* Orienting yourself in Webspace.

* Setting up a personal SLIP/CSLIP/PPP connection to the

B. "Understanding Web browsers." This topic includes:

* Different kinds of Web clients including Netscape
Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, NCSA Mosaic,
Arena, Lynx, public clients, text browsers, and Agora.

* Strengths and weaknesses of different Web clients.

* Getting started with DNS.

* Basic navigation commands.

* Saving and using bookmarks.

C. "Discovering and finding links." This includes:

* Searching using Alta Vista, InfoSeek, Inktomi, CMU Lycos,
WebCrawler, Open Text, Wandex and others.

* Using navigational home pages such as Yahoo.

* Querying with Veronica.

D. "Making a statement with home pages" including:

* The purpose of a home page.

* What you can and cannot do with a home page.

* Sample home page designs.

* First steps in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

* Organizing your bookmarks with HTML.

E. "Excellence in home page design." This topic includes:

* Principles of good home page design and layout.

* GIFS, inline images, and image maps.

* Headings, titles and subtitles.

* Proper use of anchors.

* Advanced topics in home page design including, forms
and CGI scripts.

F. "Building interest in home pages" including:

* USENET Newsgroups and mailing lists.

* IRC, BBSs and MUDs.

* Linking from other home pages.

G. "Understanding Multimedia formats" including:

* Sound -- RealAudio, audio mpeg, and wav

* Video -- AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime

* Image -- Progressive JPEG and GIF

H. "How to understand Internet programming" including:

* Java Applets

* JavaScript programs.

And, lastly, I will discuss the future of WWW including VMRL.

Q5) How can the WWW help me?

A5) The WWW is already an important, and will become an even more
important display, communications and collaboration vehicle for
exchanging all kinds of information on the Internet for both business
and pleasure. One of the most exciting aspects of the Web is that it
is very effective at blending text, graphics, sound, program applets,
and video into a free-form, yet seamless hypermedia presentation that
can be served up to your desktop computer.

Q6) Will the workshop be just another reference source or will it be

A6) It will be quite different. I have been developing distance
learning materials and teaching electronically for many years, and have
learned how to take you through a step-by-step learning process
starting with the basics and building towards a sophisticated level of
knowledge. During the Make the Link Workshop you will learn by
doing--that is, I will provide easy to follow exercises designed to
give you a quick start with the WWW. I make it a practice to always
explain the purpose of any exercise and to let you know what the
exercise is intended to accomplish. My purpose is to demystify and to
simplify, not to obfuscate and needlessly complicate the explanation. I
have received a great deal of positive feedback from participants in my
online workshops. I enjoy communicating this information and helping
others to gain proficiency and confidence in their skills. I can help
you in this way too.

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