Subject: Humour
From: Kristi Merrill <Kristi_Merrill_at_BURLAB -at- BURLINGTON -dot- MARCAM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 13:30:51 EST

Scot wrote:

Has anyone ever seen those John Cleese training videos - you know,
there's one on telephone manner and others on (similar) basic topics.

People _remember_ the videos all right, (the reason they used a comedy
star like Cleese in them), but what they remember, is JOHN CLEESE WAS
FUNNY, the actual information they were meant to retain is swamped by
the humour.

I write:

I saw those videos during an intensive training course for a job as a
roadside assistance operator. True, I do remember that John Cleese was
very funny, (as he always is), but I also clearly remember the purpose
of the videos. The humour did not in any way cloud the information.
The situations presented in the videos were exaggerated not only to
make them amusing, but also to strengthen the message contained in the
videos. I found the videos to be refreshing, amusing, and helpful. I
find that when humour is used tastefully it can really brighten up an
otherwise dull topic. I realize that everyone's opinion of what is
tasteful is different, but I think that with a little common sense,
intelligent people can distinguish between acceptable and
unacceptable. Maybe I'm just naive.

Have a great day!
Kristi Merrill
kristi_merrill_at_burlab -at- burlington -dot- marcam -dot- com (We like to be precise.)

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