Re: Word's Macro Virus

Subject: Re: Word's Macro Virus
From: Jacob Matthan <findians -at- NETPPL -dot- FI>
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 14:18:24 +0300

On Tue, 28 May 1996, David Blyth wrote:

> >> Does anyone know if the Word macro virus can also strike a Macintosh using
> >> Word?
> >A semi-literate guess? - Probably.

> After spending 1 hour devirusing my Mac, I can firmly say that the answer
> is "yes". And I was one of the lucky ones. QUALCOMM is a Mac house -
> and some people here took more than 24 hours devirusing their Mac.

Hi David,

I cannot understand how anyone could have spent 24 hours devirusing the
Macs - in 12 years I have not spent that much time although I am
extremely, almost to the extent of being paranoic, regular in
running Virus Detective and Disinfectant on all the Macs that I have
managed as we used them for scientific work of controlling our lasers in
the clean room as well as doing research on the high temperature
superconductors. The total time was usually a few minutes per computer
and on a Saturday morning I would get through many tens of Macs - can
you explain how they managed to spend 24 hours.

And, to be honest, I have never ever had a virus on my Mac - probably
because mine was a Microsoft Free computer laboratory!

The virus is also not a Mac phenomena - can you imagine what would happen
if you got a virus onto your Sparc (especially if you have been following
what has been happening with those rogue Java applets which can appear on
your safe side of the firewall)!

Further David, the virus detective and the disinfectant programs as well
as the majestic GateKeeper have always been FREEWARE for the Mac with
updates ariving at the major shareware sites (info-mac and umich) within
hours of a reported virus.

Jccob (the Mac Biased one!)
Oulu, Finland

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