FrameMaker vs. Word comparison is available

Subject: FrameMaker vs. Word comparison is available
From: Jxbarton -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 19:17:46 -0400

Fellow Techwhirlers-

There have been a number of requests for last August's FrameMaker vs. Word
comparison. It was compiled by Denise Beaudoin (thanks, Denise!). I have it
and would be willing to send it to anyone who requests it. It contains
assessments, brief and otherwise, by sixty people on the relative merits of
Frame and Word for long documents. It is a big file (130K uncompressed, 49K
compressed), and has 20,000 words and 2,600 lines. This is different from the
one that Mike LaTorra compiled. Heck, send for both.

Please put the words "FM v Word" in the title, so I can sort my incoming
mail. If you want it in text form instead of RTF (I recommend RTF--both Word
and Frame can read RTF, and you get to see pretty colors that increase
legibility), specify "FM v Word text" in the title.

It is only available compressed with Stuff-it. That's because AOL compresses
everything above a certain size, and this file is over that size.

Stuffit is a compression shareware that is available in Windows and Mac
versions. (I believe the decompression part is freeware.) It is made by
Aladdin Software. You can get it on many bulletin boards, AOL, and at their
web site. I can't get to the web to find their URL, but is should be easily
found. [If you can't find it, think twice about buying FrameMaker--it has a
high learning curve.]) If none of those work, put the word "stuffit-mac" or
"stuffit-win" in the title line, and I'll send it to the first 20 folks who
request it.

Two other bits of Framelore:

* Student prices for Frame now run to about $229 at the Software Source,

* There is a mailing list for Frame. It is called Framers, and is available
via digest or inundation.
send the following command in email to
"framers-digest-request -at- Math -dot- McGill -dot- CA":

Jim Barton
Sacramento, CA
jxbarton -at- aol -dot- com

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