Re: EPS' again...

Subject: Re: EPS' again...
From: Averil Strauss <averil -at- LEGENDCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 11:14:59 -0400

>Thanks for the quick responses on the EPS into Word problem. The consensus
>on the problem I'm having is that the TIFF is not with the EPS. Now, to
>set about solving this little challenge...

>Has anyone out there used Visual Thought? (Drawing Program on the UNIX
>platform) IF you have had any experience with this tool, we are having
>difficulty taking an EPSI created by it, and importing it into a Word
>document. All we get in the Word document is the ps file header. No
>preview, no picture.

I'm not surprised; it came from the UNIX environment. Different display
standards to those for Windows display drivers, and those systems for
viewing the display vary even from one type of UNIX to the next. Why do you
think most UNIX software comes ready to compile for your particular system,
NOT ready to run?

>We checked to see if the preview was there in ps file (with ghostscript)
>and it is... so I suspect the problem resides in the EPSI graphics filter
>in Word (7 is the version by the way...) anybody out there had problems
>with this?

Ghostscript interprets the PostScript code and ignores the preview image; of
course you can see the image on screen with GS!

Think of GS as a PS printer with a different method of output. You can use
it to print PS files if you just have an old dot matrix.

To see if there is an image for the screen, look at the code. Even if there
is an image, it is _almost__certainly_ not Windows standard. As remarked
earlier, the bitmap image that _may_ precede the actual PS code varies from
platform to platform. Most specify a TIFF, but there are lots of
quasi-standards for TIFFs and Windows does not accept many of them.

If you want to play with the code for the file, you can probably get a
Windows-standard TIFF from GS and substitute it for the UNIX variety. Be
very careful which editor you use and that it supports 256 character and
more lines without choking or inserting extra invisible characters like cr,
lf or others. Personally I don't think it's worth the hassle, so long as the
image prints, which you just proved by importing it into GhostScript.

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