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Subject: Information resource/training
From: "K.Laneuville" <k -dot- laneuville -at- HILL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 1996 10:20:11 EST

I am forwarding this message from another list. Please respond directly to
Gordon if you have useful information for him.

k -dot- laneuville -at- hill -dot- com



We are all, to some degree, covered by the wonderful umbrella of Technical
Writer...many of us have other responsibilities and areas of their work
which call for more time and effort. I am such a person.

However, I would really like to 'brush up' my writing skills, I have never
been trained for this kind of thing, but have got by..

What I need now, is help, from fellow professionals.

I need to find good resources for our profession. Be it books, web sites,
training courses, lectures, or night classes, I need them.

Most of the work I do is Windows based, although we are increasingly being
pulled into cross-platform development.

I am based in Scotland (Glasgow), so if you are recommending courses please
bear this in mind. My employer will not fly me to America, for a training
course (but if it is good enough I can get down to England...)

I await your reponses with baited breath and an open postbox.

Thanks for your time, it is much appreciated.



P.S. Re: Frame 6.0 suggestions - how about just getting it to be more
customisable (having to tweak settings EVERY time you start a new document
is VERY annoying)

_________I n f o r m a t i o n____f r o m____I m a g e s_________
Technical Writer gmclean -at- crossaig -dot- co -dot- uk
Internet Administrator webmaster -at- crossaig -dot- co -dot- uk
Crossaig Limited

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M;SH@(DUC3&5A;BP -at- 1V]R9&]N(B`\9VUC;&5A;D!S;71P9W=Y+F-R;W-S86EG


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