Re: Commas & spaces

Subject: Re: Commas & spaces
From: Sabahat Ashraf <sabahat -at- OPENIX -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 10:02:03 -0400

I was brought up to think that whether or not you used the commas before
the "and" was dependent, like so many other things, on The Pond --
namely, which side of it you were on. No comma before the "and" we
learned in school ["British usage"] and then grew up to expect it to be
there more and more as American usage took over. And I have explained
previously on the list how I lost a grade point on a project in Grad
school for this and other "style" issues: "you need to work on your

Two spaces at the end of a sentence are cool with typewriters and all,
but the reason I gave 'em up in computerised [sorry, computerized]
wordprocessing was that my spellchecker kept taking them out. I could
either put them back in [Find/Replace] after running the spellchecker or
just become a one-space-after-a-period [done it!! now I can say period
instead of full stop without missing a beat] guy. I am not the latter.
[And use American spellings and usage; have learned to love Macs -- or
hate both IBMs and Macs equally, if you will; and ...]

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