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Subject: Re: Proper webs
From: Vanessa Wilburn <vlwilburn -at- CPU -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 08:59:08 -0500

OK, I thought I was going to stay out of this one...

The reason the World Wide Web is commonly capitalized is due to the fact
that it refers to a *specific* web, and thus is a proper noun. There are
actually other webs, mostly private. There is even talk about other webs
being built by the government and educational institutions. Before there was
the WWW, there were different networks that were combined to create what we
know as the Internet, like ARAPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency
Network) and CSNET (Computer Science Network). These networks were also
specific networks with proper names and hence capitalized. So I vote for the
Web and web browser.

<soapbox on>
In the future there will be probably several different and potentially
discrete networks that span the globe that will carry internet-style
traffic. Each of these networks or webs will have their own distinctive
name. For instance, the National Broadcasting Corporation Net.
<soapbox off>

Vanessa Wilburn

Eric Haddock wrote:
> How so? How does a web page, site, browser, or administrator differ from
>a radio station, program, receiver, or broadcaster?

Vanessa L. Wilburn vlwilburn -at- cpu -dot- com
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