Re: Ending a sentence with a prep

Subject: Re: Ending a sentence with a prep
From: Mike Bygrave <bygravem -at- INTUITIVE -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:27:37 +-100

>Suspicious? -- Suspicious??!! Do you find that sentence hard to understand?

>If a sentence works, if it reads well, if it is as elegant and well-balanced
>as the sentence quoted, let it be as long as it bloody well wants to be! We
>Americans have had it pounded into us since we were knee high to a
>grasshopper that the ideal sentence contains no more than a subject, an
>object and a verb. Does this hold true in England, as well, now? -- For

Perhaps your lungs are much bigger than mine. Although the sentence itself is easy enough to understand, it would take a mammal much larger than myself to be able to read it all without suffocating!

I dunno - maybe I should give up smoking while I still have some breath left inside me.

Mike Bygrave (bygravem -at- intuitive -dot- co -dot- uk)
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1966 was a great year for English football - Cantona was born

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