Re: Obsession with University Degrees?

Subject: Re: Obsession with University Degrees?
From: Chris Hamilton <chamilton -at- GR -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:16:22 -0500

Yvonne Harrison wrote:

> Hi all - -

> Why are recruiters and employers so obsessed with someone possessing a
> degree in English Lit, Journalism or Tech Writing before they consider
> someone for a job?

Sometimes it's a requirement in a government contract. When I started
work in this industry, it was as a programmer on a DOD contract. I did a
really good job for them. I have several years experience programming
and writing. I've used DOD documentation standards. But someone leaving
college with a degree in CS, math, journalism, English, or technical
communication is more qualified than I to work on this contract now
because they have an "appropriate" degree and I have a political science
degree. My uncle owns a subcontracting company for Government
contracts. He has a guy with a doctorate and history and 15 years
experience who had to go back to school and get an undergrad degree in
CS, despite the fact that he could be teaching most of the classes he
had to take. Why? Degree requirements.

I know this doesn't explain all of it, but it's at least part. If I'm
looking, I respond even if I don't have the requested degree. My
programming experience has helped several people look past my PS
degree. And if it doesn't, it costs my almost nothing to send off a
resume and cover letter, so what do I have to lose.

Chris Hamilton, Technical Writer
Greenbrier and Russel
chamilton -at- gr -dot- com
"Once, when my mother mentioned an amount and I realized I didn't
understand, she had to explain that's like three Mercedes. Then I
understood." -- Brooke Sheilds

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