Making up user names

Subject: Making up user names
From: Jim Grey <jimgrey -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 08:23:00 EST

Rebecca Phillips (rebecca -at- qronus -dot- co -dot- il) asks:
>How do other people make up user names? Do you just use John and Jane =
>Smith? Do you find yourself ending up with names that invariably show a =
>male, North-American English-speaking bias, despite your best efforts?=20

At one company, the system administrator refused to make some dummy user
accounts for me, so I *had* to use my own login name in the "how to log in"
part of the book. Our login names there were initials anyway, so it didn't
matter too much. (Anyone remember when I used to post here as
jwg -at- acd4 -dot- acd -dot- com?)

The company I work for now develops software for advertising agencies. Our
computer-based training system and a portion of our online Help system that
describes media-buying basics refer to (and show a cartoony picture of) a
typical buyer, "Media Mary." For the how-to portion of our Help system, we
extended the Mary concept by using "mary maxwell" as our typical user. We
even gave her a "cool-sounding" username, madmax. Our users have responded
favorably to Media Mary.

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