Help: Find/Replace Bug

Subject: Help: Find/Replace Bug
From: "James M. Lockard" <norton -at- MCS -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 21:39:56 +0100


I'm posting this for a co-worker of mine who seems to have discovered a bug
in Word 6's find and replace feature. I realize this may seem a bit off
topic but, since many of us use Word, the question seem apropos to me.

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I found an annoying bug in Word 6.0, and I'd like to hear from anyone who
has found a way around it.

In a 20-page document, I wanted to replace some (but not all) instances
of the word "field" with the word "variable". The word "field" appears
in the document in a variety of formats -- roman, italic, bold, other

I replaced the first few instances with no problem. After I had clicked
"Find Next" to bypass an instance I didn't want to replace, the next
instance of "field" was italic. I replaced it with "variable", and Word
correctly applied italics. The next instance of "field" was roman, and
Word replaced it with "variable" -- *in italics!* I didn't notice the
error right away and so continued through the document. A later instance
of "field" was bold, italic and condensed, which was replaced with
"variable" with that formatting. The next instance was roman, and Word
replaced it with bold, italic, condensed.

I'm hoping someone will tell me there's away around this bug, because the
only alternative I can see is executing replace multiple times, once for
each type of formatting (replacing roman with roman, italic with italic,

Please respond to me directly, at
alyceb%dmt -at- mcimail -dot- com
Thank you!

Alyce Barry
Senior Technical Writer
Direct Marketing Technology Inc.
Schaumburg IL

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James Lockard
norton -at- mcs -dot- net

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