Re: Insure vs. Ensure

Subject: Re: Insure vs. Ensure
From: Patricia Carmel/IL/3Com <Patricia_Carmel/IL/3Com%3COM -at- 3MAIL -dot- 3COM -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 17:26:45 EDT

Now I understand why a former boss (American) always wrote 'insure' when he
meant 'ensure'! Where I come from (England), 'ensure' is what you do to make
sure you 'insure' your car if you don't want to be bereft of cash in case of

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From: kwallace @ NEOSOFT.COM (Kim Wallace) @ UGATE
Date: Thursday September 26, 1996 07:08 PM
Subject: Insure vs. Ensure
Recently had to look this up. Seems it is a matter of preference (or
region) whether one uses "insure" instead of "ensure" or "assure". At least
that's what the American Heritage usage note states!
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