Re: Insure vs. Ensure

Subject: Re: Insure vs. Ensure
From: Bob Jones <Bob -dot- Jones -at- PAREXEL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 13:21:03 -0400

It seems that everyday I have to fight the ensure/assure battle. Why not simply
use "make sure" instead of either word. As technical writers, we should use the
most simple and clear language we can to express whatever we are trying to
express. If we are trying to say that you should make sure of something, then
say "make sure." I see the use of the word "ensure" used most frequently in
cases where the writer is trying to make his/her writing seem more important and
formal than it is (the word "hoity-toity" comes to mind). For some reason, many
people aspire to write like lawyers and clutter their writing as much as

My two cents
Bob Jones
Consultant II
Barnett International
bob -dot- jones -at- parexel -dot- com

My thoughts are my own and don't necessarily represent my company.

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Subject: Insure vs. Ensure
Author: Kim Wallace <kwallace -at- NEOSOFT -dot- COM> at Internet
Date: 9/26/96 09:08 AM

Recently had to look this up. Seems it is a matter of preference (or region)
whether one uses "insure" instead of "ensure" or "assure". At least that's
what the American Heritage usage note states!
Kim Wallace, Untitled Manager of Marketing Services
Enserch Energy Services, Inc.

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