Re: Word 7: Is it a hog?

Subject: Re: Word 7: Is it a hog?
From: "John A. Lord" <jlord -at- LIVINGSTON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 17:59:05 -0700

At 07:59 PM 10/1/96 -0400, Steve wrote:
>We are slowly upgrading the PCs in our department. We moved to Windows 95;
>now we seem to need Word 7 (for RoboHELP 95). But the hardware is still a
>The question is: Is Word 7 such a resource hog that we have to scratch for a
>Pentium-class machine? Or can we reasonably hope to use the software on
>the machines we've got? Money's tight... 8^(

I think that the answer depends on the speed of the 486. I am running
Windows 95 on one machine with an AMD 486-120 MHz CPU with 16 MB of memory,
and Word 7 runs reasonably fast. Not quite as fast as a 100 Mhz Pentium, but
acceptable. On the other hand, before upgrading to the 486-120 it had a
486-66 which ran Windows 95/Word 7 very leisurely, especially if other
programs were also open. I would think that a 486-33 might be too slow, but
I have not tried one with Windows 95. If you are able to upgrade your 486 to
the AMD 486-120 (this depends on the capabilities of the motherboard, which
has to support 3.5 volt as well as 5 volt CPUs), this could be a reasonable
compromise between cost and speed.

Good Luck

John Lord Technical Publications
jlord -at- livingston -dot- com Livingston Enterprises, Inc. Phone (510) 426-0770


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