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Subject: Re: PDF vs. HTML
From: "John A. Lord" <jlord -at- LIVINGSTON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 17:11:30 -0700

In a posting on this topic Arlen said:

<perhaps Goering had a point>

I assume he is referring to the posit "If you repeat a lie often enough it
becomes the truth." Note that the author of this was Joseph Goebbels,
Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. Herman Goering was chief of the German Air
Force. For a brief biography of Goebbels, check out this URL:

BTW, the discussions of PDF vs. HTML are raising some very interesting and
relevant issues, all of which are part of the larger issue of format choices
for documentation. Almost all of the arguments I have heard recently on this
topic end up with the summation that "the majority of our customers will be
extremely unhappy if they don't get a printed manual." Because we regard
customer satisfaction as our most important job, I suspect we will continue
to support the chopping down of trees for quite a long time. Meanwhile, like
many contributors to this list, we are also searching for the most effective
digital methods of technical communication.

Please keep sending your ideas and comments.

John Lord Technical Publications
jlord -at- livingston -dot- com Livingston Enterprises, Inc. Phone (510) 426-0770


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