Re: hot tech writing mkt -- salaries skyrocketing?

Subject: Re: hot tech writing mkt -- salaries skyrocketing?
From: Jennie Achtemichuk <JennieA -at- MSN -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 16:45:54 UT

Susan Gallagher <susan -at- LIVINGSTON -dot- COM> writes:

We're trying to recruit tech writers right now . . . those coming in with
3+ experience are demanding at least 70K. Many want at least
75K. . . . I'm not unwilling to pay this, however, it seems like tech writers
are pulling the Mazda Miatta gig -- sell at whatever the buyer will pay."

I'm an independent consultant as well as employment manager for one of the STC
chapters. So my perspective is a little different because I'm not a hiring
pubs manager. (I'm not the one that's paying!)

I'm thrilled that tech writers are demanding 70+K when the national stats from
STC show salaries still averaging in the 40Ks. (I hope these people are also
filling out the surveys or we'll never show the real figures and get raises
for the rest of the employed TCs.) At the same time, I'm trying not to bristle
at the Mazda Miatta imagery because I don't see experienced tech writers as
being cute little tin cans.

Peter Gold <pgold -at- NETCOM -dot- COM> writes: "Software and hardware engineers are
paid these rates and more and if they
are worth their pay, nobody wonders if there's a pinched labor market
causing the high rates."
I think it's great that some have the gumption to ask for (ie demand) what the
market will pay for their expertise. Also, I'm hearing less and less from
companies about paying supposedly high rates because they see the value of
what we do. I'm also aware that recruiters are looking nationally and
sometimes internationally to bring TC talent to a company. That definitely
speaks of a pinched TC supply.

(soapbox begins)For our field, this is one of the greatest times. Our skills
are hot, hot, hot. High tech companies know they need us. I say, hooray to
those that are both seeking to improve their skills while also improving their

Jennie Achtemichuk
Independent contractor, online instruction and info
Kirkland WA

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