Re: Topical Postings

Subject: Re: Topical Postings
From: Jeffrey Pittman <jpittman -at- XWS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 13:14:02 -0700

>I must say how surprised I am to read such a statement. I am deeply
>convinced that grammar is an acceptable topic of discussion, though I agree
>that the since/because discussion was growing a bit too heavy!
--Christiane Cadrin

A brief discussion of grammar is perhaps appropriate,
but other lists exist as exclusive grammar discussion
platforms. One would be well advised to subscribe to
one of these lists if one needs grammar advice.

>Talk about personal attacks!! Of all the lists I'm subscribed to, this one
>is the only one to be so stern. Mind you, it may prove to be an asset but
>doesn't justify an outburst like Eric's.--Christiane Cadrin

The U-test list would not only refuse to tolerate
any personal attacks, the attacker would be removed
from the list post-haste.

>It seems that there could be a lot of room for debate over this. I'm
>not sure that there is any subset of grammar, in any language, that
>clearly pertains to technical communication. If this were true, then
>there would be a subset of grammar that does not pertain to technical
>communication.--Bruce Covell

If this was a debating society, there indeed could
be a lot of room for debate. Unfortunately, this
is not a debating society. This is a listserv, and
a listserv has an owner who sets the rules and policies
of the list. The listowner has a responsibility to
the host organization to limit the discussions to
ones that pertain directly to the subject of the
list. If the discussions stray from these parameters,
the listowner must close down that particular discussion.
To do otherwise would violate the listowner's responsibilities
to the host organization.

>Related to all this is the matter of setting rules. Is there a
>procedure for changing or adding rules here?--Bruce Covell

Yes. If one can't live with the rules a listowner sets,
one simply starts a list of one's own. It is not a hard
thing to do, and it gives one perspective on what it takes
to run a list. I once thought this list needed a little
more breathing room, so I started my own listserv. Since
then, my wife has also started her own listserv. Try it,
it may change your views on list rules.

BTW, I have booted people from my list for personal
attacks. Eric is much more tolerant than I. :-)>


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