Re: Job-Hopping to increase pay

Subject: Re: Job-Hopping to increase pay
From: "Alexandria G. Khalil" <akhalil -at- SUNGARD -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 09:41:04 EST


Good luck. You shouldn't feel any guilt! If it were reverse and the
company was laying you off while you were trying to obtain a mortgage
or put your child through college (life's major projects) would they
feel guilt or lack of professionalism. I too worked for 3 companies in
2.5 years. However, it wasn't voluntary. I was laid off from the two
jobs. The second job laid me off after 6 months- they hired me and
several others so that the company could look good to a potential
buyer. The motto of this is go for the money and job satisfaction and
forget about guilt.

Matt, enjoy your new job.


Alexandria Khalil
SunGard Captial Markets
Phila., Pa
Doc. Manager
akhalil -at- sungard -dot- com

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Subject: Job-Hopping to increase pay
Author: Matthew Danda <dandam -at- 1STNET -dot- NET> at Internet
Date: 10/3/96 9:17 AM

Dear all:

Just wanted to share my personal experiences with job-hopping as a method of
increasing pay.

I am currently doing what many people would call a "no-no" in the computer
world: I will have worked as a full-time employee for 3 companies in 2.5
years. I realize that I am in danger of becoming a "job-hopper."

However, once you hear the numbers, you can understand my willingness to
take this risk:

Pay raise from first job to second: 35%
Pay raise from second job to third: over 50%
Overall raise, from first job to third: 2.5 times.

Granted, my initial pay was low and my current pay is adjusted for
geographic cost-of-living changes. Other factors include pure luck and
timeliness of skills (especially object-oriented development).

A colleage of mine is a little upset that I am leaving a project
semi-unfinished as I begin my new job. This is a moral decision, since the
project is not complete. However, when the dollar figures become so
dramatic, and the current employer is unaware, unwilling, and inflexible,
these decisions have to be made.

At night, when I relax and think about how I am abandoning a project to take
a new job, I feel some shame. But then I pull out the calculator, review the
major salary changes, and think, well, I'll just have to live with it.

BTW, I plan on staying with my newest employer a very, very long time. It
took 2 years and 3 jobs, but I think that I have finally found a company
worth keeping.


Matthew Danda
Technical Writer
St. Louis, MO
dandam -at- 1stnet -dot- net

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