Re: Ageism

Subject: Re: Ageism
From: Elna Tymes <Etymes -at- LTS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 17:38:09 -0700

Tim Altom wrote:

> I noticed with interest an exchange of postings about one person's opinion
> that (paraphrased) those over 45 are rather stodgy and computer illiterate.
> A respondent indignantly replied that he was well over 45, thank you, and
> well acquainted with computer technology.

Oh geez. So this is where paraphrasing has MIStaken my original

OK, OK. I withdraw. My intent was not to get people all flamed about age
categories, but rather to point out that there seem to be people who are
more comfortable with computers and people who aren't. Since the last
U.S. Census had some questions about owning a computer, and that data is
publicly available at the Census web site, and since there is
periodically data published that shows who owns/uses computers ranked by
age categories, I thought it was fairly safe to say that - IN GENERAL -
people over 45 tend to be less comfortable with using computers than
people under 45.

My intent was certainly *not* to imply that people over 45 are in any
way less smart or less capable than those under 45.

Elna Tymes

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